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Iterative Venture

We are an entrepreneurial community made up of visionary builders, strategic angel investors, and industry-leading advisors, led by a group of Facebook Alumni.

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Iterative Venture is an entrepreneurial community led by a group of former and current employees at Facebook family of apps (Facebook/ Instagram/ Whatsapp/ Oculus). 

  • Entrepreneurial Community. We have a vibrant slack community where 500+ Facebookers share the vision of promoting entrepreneurship through founding start-ups, angel investment, advisory, and the cross-pollination of ideas. If you are current or previous Facebook employees, join our slack community here! 

  • Angel Investment Syndicate. We run an angel syndicate to support the (ex-) Facebooker led or the community-endorsed start-ups. We award any community members who source deals and conduct due diligence via syndicate carry. To learn more about how our syndicate works, please see the Syndicate page. You can also join our AngelList syndicate here

  • Portfolio Company Support. Any start-ups in our portfolio will have exclusive access to talents and resource in our community and get help to succeed. and Our community is made up of some of the brightest minds across various fields, such as Engineering/ Product/ Sales and more. 

  • Events: Our community host various events every week to support the founders network, educate LPs, and share the latest trend in tech. Please subscribe to our newsletter or join our slack community to get access to these events.

  • Venture Capital Investment and Funds. Coming soon!

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