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Iterative Venture - Angel Syndicate

Our angel syndicate was created to support (ex-) Facebooker-led or the community-endorsed companies by providing capital in the early stages as well as a wide range of support that's critical for their growth. 

We believe that the best deals come within and through the community. For that reason, we award carry to any community members who source deals, perform due diligence, or contribute with their expertise in supporting our portfolio companies through actionable advice and valuable intros.  

Iterative Venture has access to unique and high quality deal flow, including:

  • The Community Network: this includes deal flow from well-connected community members as well as ex-Facebookers who go on to pursue their own businesses.

  • Top Accelerators: a number of our leads have participated in top accelerators (YC, AngelPad, etc.,) and get early looks at companies participating in these programs.

  • VC Firms: a number of LPs and leads in Iterative Venture have close relationships to reputable firms sharing deal flow with Iterative Venture.

  • Events: Iterative Venture hosts a number of monthly virtual events covering everything from angel investing 101 to current trends in tech. These events have a fast growing audience that has started to share opportunities with Iterative Venture directly.

If this is of interest to you, we'd love to have you onboard!

Disclaimer: Iterative Venture or any portfolio/ investment made via Iterative Venture are not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by any company.

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